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• Notice to Reader engagements.
• T4 slip and summaries for employees.
• T5 slip and summaries for dividends.
• GST/HST returns.
• Cash flow forecasts and monthly reporting.
• Business plans.
• NR4 slips for non-residents.
• Certificates of compliance for non-residents.

Tax Returns

• Corporate Tax returns.
• Personal Tax returns.
• Trust returns.
• Non-resident returns.

CRA Audits

• Verifying that the books and records provided to the auditor support amounts reported.
• Preparing and sending the necessary documents to CRA.
• Communicating and negotiating with CRA.
• Ensuring your taxpayer rights are upheld.

Notices Of Objections

• Detailed submissions with evidence for objections related to personal returns, corporate returns, GST/HST returns and audits.

Estate Planning

• Preparing cash flow plans for retirement.
• Reviewing wills for potential tax implications and family conflicts.
• Creating strategies that will focus on possible future taxes of the estate and the transition of assets.
• Establishing methods to receive money from the estate.